September 18–20 2015 ยท NYC

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FAQ & General info

Welcome to FooHacks 2015, we're excited that you're here! Before you start hacking, please read the code of conduct and our emergency procedures.

Q Do we have to submit on Devpost?
A Yes

Q What should I do if I feel unsafe / see a code of conduct violation?
A Find and inform a organizer or volunter immediately. We're all wearing blue tshirts and most of us have radios. We do take this seriously.

Q What's the official hashtag?
A #foohacks

Q When are we getting reimbursed?
A Ask us again in a week ๐Ÿ˜›

Q What's the WiFi?
A SSID: foohacks15, password: n0fact0rauth

Schedule & Alerts
Time Activity Location
9:00am Doors open & breakfast Main hall
10–11am Opening Announcements Edwin Auditorium
11:15–12:30pm API lightning demos Edwin Auditorium
12:30pm LUNCH! Main hall
1:30pm Hacking Begins! All areas
Submitting your hack

You must submit your hack on Devpost before 10:30am ET on Sunday, September 20th. Here's how:

Everybody on your team must register for the hackathon @

One team member should enter a submission before the deadline and tag the whole team in the team member section. (Use the email addresses that correspond to your Devpost accounts.)

Start early!! You can always save a draft and revise it before the deadline.

Sponsor Location


Prize We're hiring!

Main concourse




Microsoft Azure

We're hiring!

Main concourse


Neal Shyam (@nealrs)

MailChimp Twilio Selenium

Matt Ron (@mattr)

SendGrid Python Django

Sheila Lander (@landa)

Rails JavaScript Sass iOS

Eddy Wong (@ejw)

Android Docker node